Ryan & Andrea

There are many things that one looks for in a wedding venue. Accommodations for all your immediate family and friends?  Your wedding next to the Ocean with the sound of the ocean waves? Your reception in the same location?  We set the standard for making all your wishes come to realization @ Kona Beach Bungalows.

What makes the Kona Beach Bungalows so special? It is the perfect blend of all things desired in your Hawaiian wedding day. What if you were able to accommodate all the parents and grandparents and very close friends in a single Estate? Better yet, what if each group had their own private units? What if you were able to have an oceanfront wedding ceremony and reception in the same complex? Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Our property is unique. It is the only private vacation rental property in the Hawaiian Islands to sleep up to 34 family member and guests and have capacity of up to 65 guests for a wedding and reception.

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